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An oasis in a parched land

I’ve just been spending some time with our daughter at The House of James Christian Bookstore in Abbotsford. What a great place. It has something for every stage and part of your life.

It’s so wonderful that we still have stores like this among the masses of media and materialistic things pumped into our lives. If you’re in need of refreshing and uplifting input to your life, visit your neighborhood Christian bookstore.

Raise Your Corporate Engagement – A Guide to social media

Trevor Cook has published a great read on Social Media “Social Media or how I learned to stop worrying and love communication – The Power of Web 2.0”. It is free to download. Download it, print it (if you are so inclined) and make some action plans for your organization. The article covers blogging, podcasting and RSS, including examples of organizations using these tools for increase communications.

The big benefits of these technologies will come when organizations embrace these tools within their enterprises.