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New beginnings

January 1st is as good as any to place a stake in the ground. A recent blog post by Michael Hyatt talked about having a platform from which you can build your online presence.

As I move into uncharted territory in my career, I will be using this blog as a home base. I will still use Twitter (@ElwinWitzke) and other social networks. In the past this blog has covered an assortment of topics, from general interest to specific technologies. For the time being I will be focusing this blog on the following:

  • unified communications
  • video conferencing
  • mobile devices
  • social collaboration in the enterprise
  • gaining business value from communications technologies
  • enterprise management of mobile devices
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies

As the clock moves forward, so does our life. Leaving behind a long career in a large organization is daunting, yet it provides an opportunity to use my skills in different organizations.

3D printing breakthrough

The world of 3d printing of real and totally unique objects fascinates me. My good friend John Biehler has been creating quite a collection of 3d printed objects. Check some of them out at

However, this story is not about unique items and out of production parts. It’s about using this technology to create a new jaw for an 83 year old woman. The BBC reports that doctors created a jaw bone to replace a diseased one in an 81 year old patient. The replacement “bone” was made of titanium, much like other medical replacement parts.

I think this is pretty amazing.

Trip from Surrey to Metrotown

I took an evening drive from the ‘burb back to where we once lived. It was a bit of nostalgia as we traveled back to where we lived when it was just the two if us.

Seeing the tremendous growth around Metrotown I am excited for the future of Surrey’s new city centre. The new Surrey Library is a great anchor to our city. The vision of the Surrey Central development is finally coming to realization.

Happy New Year

As I finish the first day of 2011 I am reminded how quickly
time passes. A lot has changed but so much remains the same. God
has been good to us. I wonder if this works.
A direct link to my Cinchcast if you can’t play Flash

I’ve written this post using the WordPress app on my iPad. I think I will have to get used to this typing, because a normal keyboard is still much faster. . (and more accurate).