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Chain 124

This is an amazing story about Chain 124, a series of 30 kidney transplants covering 60 operations started by one person. For that person it was an act of altruism. The story covers some of the amazing mathematical matching and high speed computer processing to make this happen.

Also check out the multimedia interactive that shows all the kidney exchanges that took four months from beginning to end.

3D printing breakthrough

The world of 3d printing of real and totally unique objects fascinates me. My good friend John Biehler has been creating quite a collection of 3d printed objects. Check some of them out at

However, this story is not about unique items and out of production parts. It’s about using this technology to create a new jaw for an 83 year old woman. The BBC reports that doctors created a jaw bone to replace a diseased one in an 81 year old patient. The replacement “bone” was made of titanium, much like other medical replacement parts.

I think this is pretty amazing.

An oasis in a parched land

I’ve just been spending some time with our daughter at The House of James Christian Bookstore in Abbotsford. What a great place. It has something for every stage and part of your life.

It’s so wonderful that we still have stores like this among the masses of media and materialistic things pumped into our lives. If you’re in need of refreshing and uplifting input to your life, visit your neighborhood Christian bookstore.