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What is an education anyways?

Nervous about your education journey? Thinking of going back to school to add some more letters behind your name. Take a time-out and listen to Dan Miller talk about what’s really important when getting your next or dream job. Listen to this podcast episode and get some new direction.

Dan Miller’s website is full of information to help you make great decisions in life.

New beginnings

January 1st is as good as any to place a stake in the ground. A recent blog post by Michael Hyatt talked about having a platform from which you can build your online presence.

As I move into uncharted territory in my career, I will be using this blog as a home base. I will still use Twitter (@ElwinWitzke) and other social networks. In the past this blog has covered an assortment of topics, from general interest to specific technologies. For the time being I will be focusing this blog on the following:

  • unified communications
  • video conferencing
  • mobile devices
  • social collaboration in the enterprise
  • gaining business value from communications technologies
  • enterprise management of mobile devices
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies

As the clock moves forward, so does our life. Leaving behind a long career in a large organization is daunting, yet it provides an opportunity to use my skills in different organizations.

Posting links on Twitter or a blog

I’ve been spending some time thinking about the best way to share links, ideas, videos and other material on the web. Although Facebook and Twitter have great reach they are open to big data loss if your ID get’s yanked by the powers that be. All the collateral you’ve accumulated could get wiped off the face of the earth in an instance.

You have ownership of your data, but you don’t control it’s hosting.

I am thinking of using a blog for posting things to share and then linking to the blog from Facebook and Twitter. Your own blog is the only way to own and control your content.

I may also pull out some of the old shared items from Facebook and repost them here.

We’ll see how it goes.

What did I do exactly one year ago?

That is no longer a question that can’t be answered.

With the Facebook timeline rolling out it becomes real easy to peer back into the past and remember (or try to forget) activities from your past. In some cases a little bit of culling might be in order. There is just so much information that has been dropped into this black hole.

Early users of the timeline have reported that they are surprised when they look back at the timeline and immediately start on a pruning process. One can hide items from the timeline, delete them permanently or highlight certain events or photos.

Facebook is trying to become the single source or aggregator of you life stream. It will be our choice if they will be given the keys.

Finally I get to try out an iPad

Although I love using new technologies I usually don’t get a chance for much hands on. Since I need to watch where the money goes (just like everyone else), by the time I get a chance to buy something others have already been using them for some time.

Since Christmas I’ve been evaluating an iPad 3G for use at my work. Right now it is running wild and is not connected to our internal or guest wireless network. It doesn’t have access to my work email, so my first impressions are not as an enterprise user but as a regular Joe. Once I get access to our work environment there will be a new set of evaluation criteria.


I have to agree with just about everyone’s thoughts, the iPad is pure joy and a game changer in almost all areas. Let’s leave it at that!


  • good size and weight for daily use
  • excellent battery life after living through 20 years of laptop life
  • great screen
  • easy access to applications

So So

  • 3G wireless performance
  • internal microphone


  • no Flash support (and websites aren’t providing an alternative)
  • slow charging when not in sleep mode
  • typing anything longer than a quick email using the virtual keyboard is gruelling

Later this month I should be getting the iPad connected up to our enterprise email and intranet. That will provide whole lot of new experiences to share.